Express Cheap Cardboard Boxes


Our cartons come in a huge range of styles and board grades. In this section we are giving you a quick guide as to what is on offer to help you refine your own requirements.

Please provide any measurements required as internal dimensions in the following order;
Length (L) x Breadth (B) x Height (H)
Length (L) the longer dimension at the opening
Breadth (B) = the shorter dimension at the opening
Height (H) -the dimension from the top of the opening to the base

Standard Board Grade Guide

The following Fluting is just a guide to the most common used they provide different levels of strength which also depend on the board grade used in both the lining and fluting.

Single Wall Flute

Board made from one layer of fluting sandwiched between two liners. There are many different flutes depending on what you require.

Single Wall Flute
E Flute

A fine flute used for corrugated 'cartons'. It gives excellent crush resistance and a compression strength better than solid fibreboard.

B Flute

By far the most widely specified flute profile thanks to its superb robustness (difficult to crush), good compression strength and compactness which minimises storage space.

C Flute

A larger flute than "B", offering greater compression strength, but it may be crushed more easily. It also takes up more storage space than "B" flute.

Double Wall Flute

Board made from two layers of fluting sandwiched between three liners. Different flutes may be combined in this board. Used when stronger boxes and extra padding are needed. Excellent for stacking heavy items.

Double Wall Flute

A combination of two flute sizes, usually "B" and "C", specified when compression strength is more important than storagespace and robustness.

Tri-Wall Flute

Three layers of fluting sandwiched between four liners. Again different flutes may be combined to form triple wall board. Triple wall boxes are the strongest and most crush resistant boxes to use for storage and transit.

Tri-Wall Flute